Homebase provides the fundamental framework and resources to transform neighborhoods.


since 2015 Homebase Members have

Created 2,899 jobs

Restored 63 vacant commercial spaces

Started 1,094,474 square feet of new commercial space

Opened 36 new businesses

Completed 120 Business District beautification projects

Restored 276 vacant housing units

Improved 132 privately owned units

Started 2,037 housing units

Completed 608 housing units

Held 468 events

Raised $150,819,340 in private project dollars and $56,509,716 in public project dollars

See for yourself

The google map to the left is still in the works: we will be showcasing different Homebase members projects in this interactive, open source map. Our members work on some amazingly transformative projects all over Cincinnati. Click on any points on the map, left, and see project details from Homebase Members.

Homebase member? Click here to submit your project information from 2015 to present.